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01I Get Used To ItCoppelius4:03
02Be PreparedCoppelius6:56
06Escapade IICoppelius3:37
07Chilled With FrightCoppelius4:04
08To My CreatorCoppelius5:06
11Rather be deadCoppelius4:03
13Murders in the Rue MourgeCoppelius3:53
18Nothing PersonalCoppelius5:12
19Escaped ICoppelius4:48
23Rightful KingCoppelius3:07
24Zu DirCoppelius3:18
26Der AdvokatCoppelius3:06
27Schцne AugenCoppelius3:33
28Die GlockeCoppelius3:52
32Charlotte The HarlotCoppelius4:21
33Das AmulettCoppelius2:16
34Viel Zu VielCoppelius3:44
35Spring DochCoppelius2:59
38I Told You SoCoppelius4:25
42Der FeuerwehrmannCoppelius4:34
44Stetig FrommCoppelius3:44
45Klein ZachesCoppelius4:25
46Ein AutomatCoppelius3:52
48Genghis KhanCoppelius3:08
49Coppelius Hilft!Coppelius3:40
50Ade Mein Lieb!Coppelius4:07
52Masters of the SeaGhostfire5:06
53Ghostways of ParisGhostfire4:40
55The Last Steampunk WaltzGhostfire3:54
56Hand of GloryGhostfire3:21
57Smoke & MirrorsGhostfire3:53
58The ConfessionGhostfire4:45
59Book of DustGhostfire4:53
61The ManGhostfire4:38
62Drinkski SongGhostfire4:37
63The StyxGhostfire5:12
64Avi SolymNathaniel Johnstone4:09
65The Heart UnwoundNathaniel Johnstone4:13
66IfritahNathaniel Johnstone4:26
67OdalisqueNathaniel Johnstone3:31
68ZolaNathaniel Johnstone3:32
69Uncle Achmed's Porchtime JamboreeNathaniel Johnstone2:39
70Maiden VoyageThe Clockwork Dolls6:01
71Blades in AutumnThe Clockwork Dolls7:04
72The Ballad of Black Jack JezebelThe Clockwork Dolls4:27
73No Guns Allowed In My BarThe Clockwork Dolls5:58
74Impartial (The Battle)The Clockwork Dolls6:40
75The Iron RoseThe Clockwork Dolls7:45
76Clockwork Maid_Safe RestThe Clockwork Dolls11:31
77LoverboyThe Cog is Dead1:57
78The Copper WarThe Cog is Dead3:31
79Time MachineThe Cog is Dead3:35
80EtiquetteThe Men That Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing2:09
81Steph(v)ensonThe Men That Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing3:51
82BedlamThe Men That Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing2:56
83GogglesThe Men That Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing2:30
84Sewer (live)The Men That Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing2:15
85Boilerplate DanielThe Men That Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing2:09
86MoonThe Men That Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing3:59
87A Traditional Victorian Gentlemens Boasting SongThe Men That Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing2:13
88Victorian GrindcoreThe Men That Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing0:14
89Blood RedThe Men That Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing4:16
90CharlieThe Men That Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing2:57
91Airship PirateAbney Park4:02
92Building SteamAbney Park4:00
93Off The GridAbney Park2:36
94NeobedouinAbney Park3:41
95She [steampunk]Abney Park3:58
96Letter Between A Little Boy And Himself As An AdultAbney Park3:47
97Victorian VigilanteAbney Park4:12
98Aether ShantyAbney Park2:48
99Sleep IsabellaAbney Park4:27
100RebirthAbney Park3:23
101To The Apocalypse In Daddies SidecarAbney Park4:02
102Beautiful DeclineAbney Park4:04
103Space CowboyAbney Park3:11
104The End Of DaysAbney Park3:24
105Fight Or FlightAbney Park3:15
106VengenceAbney Park4:23
107The Only OneAbney Park2:33
108I've Been Wrong BeforeAbney Park2:54
109Dear OpheliaAbney Park4:51
110The Wrath Of FateAbney Park3:05
111This Dark And Twisty RoadAbney Park5:01
112Burn (Y2k Mix)Abney Park3:05
113ChronofaxAbney Park0:32
114The DerelictAbney Park3:16
115Dance Of The Sugar Plumb FairiesAbney Park2:06
116The Shadow Of Life (Live)Abney Park3:27
117DowntroddenAbney Park5:14
118The Death Of The HeroAbney Park4:24
119All The Myths Are TrueAbney Park3:07
120SacrilegeAbney Park2:58
121Witch CultAbney Park0:24
122False ProphecyAbney Park5:41
123Dead Silence (2005 Mix)Abney Park3:22
124CreepAbney Park4:17
125The Root Of All Evil (Live)Abney Park4:05
126White WeddingAbney Park3:47
127The Change Cage (2005 Mix)Abney Park4:00
128New Black DayAbney Park4:49
129Twisted And BrokenAbney Park4:00
130The BoxAbney Park3:04
131Child KingAbney Park5:03
132KineAbney Park4:32
133Holy WarAbney Park4:26
134Tiny MonsterAbney Park3:00
135Breathe AcousticAbney Park3:42
136We Three KingsAbney Park3:01
137Coventry CarolAbney Park2:00
138Good King WenceslassAbney Park4:06
139God Rest Ye Merry GentilemenAbney Park2:00
140RudolfAbney Park1:25
141The Shadow Of LifeAbney Park3:08
142The Change CageAbney Park8:14
143Little Drummer Boy 8Abney Park5:46
144Silent NightAbney Park1:16
145BlackdayAbney Park4:39
146Too Far To Turn BackAbney Park3:20
147VictoriaAbney Park4:43
148Hidden TrackAbney Park5:09
149Throw Them OverboardAbney Park3:15
150When You're EvilVoltaire4:37
151Ex Lover's LoverVoltaire4:51
152Goodnight Demon SlayerVoltaire4:49
153The Vampire ClubVoltaire3:10
154God ThinksVoltaire4:12
155The Sexy Data TangoVoltaire3:17
156The Man UpstairsVoltaire4:21
157The NightVoltaire4:32
158Out of ReachVoltaire4:23
159I'm SorryVoltaire3:17
160The ChosenVoltaire4:46
161All The Way DownVoltaire3:45
163Feathery WingsVoltaire5:05
165Hello Cruel WorldVoltaire3:46
167Graveyard PicnicVoltaire3:33
168El Barquito De NuezVoltaire1:17
169Future Ex GirlfriendVoltaire3:52
170Caught a Lite SneezeVoltaire3:35
173They Know MeVoltaire4:00
176Let It GoVoltaire3:47
177Death Death (Devil, Devil, Devil, Devil, Evil, Evil, Evil, Evil Song)Voltaire5:00
178Accordian PlayerVoltaire3:37
179#1 FanVoltaire3:41
180See You In Hell (2)Voltaire4:15
181Where's the Girl?Voltaire3:38
182This SeaVoltaire5:04
183The Beast of Pirate's BayVoltaire5:02
185This Ship's Going DownVoltaire4:47
186To The Bottom Of The SeaVoltaire3:50
187Hate Lives In A Small TownVoltaire3:55
188All Women Are CrazyVoltaire4:40
189Stubborn As A MuleVoltaire3:50
190You Married A FoolVoltaire3:21
191The ChurchyardVoltaire4:45
192Fear And AnguishVoltaire5:39
193It's Normal For A ManVoltaire4:29
194On The RoadVoltaire4:28
195Coin Operated GoiVoltaire3:33
196Happy Birthday (My Olde Friend)Voltaire2:53
197Stakes and Torches (The Uprising of the Peasants)Voltaire3:47
198Robber BaronVoltaire3:48
199The Industrial Revolution (And How It Ruined My Life)Voltaire5:09
200The Promise [Bonus Track]Escape The Clouds3:29
201Mechanical MasqueradeEscape The Clouds3:09
202Steam-Powered Samurai [Shamidrum Mix]Escape The Clouds3:17
203Ten Thouthand MilesEscape The Clouds3:19
204In Your SleepEscape The Clouds4:01
205Above the OvercastEscape The Clouds4:10
206Captain Morena [Vengeful Mix]Escape The Clouds2:35
207Ritmo HidrogenoEscape The Clouds2:44
208Steam Powered SamuraiEscape The Clouds3:16
209Capitan MorenaEscape The Clouds3:58
210The Undead ApproachEscape The Clouds3:36
211The AdventurerEscape The Clouds4:45
212Hunting The FutureEscape The Clouds4:35
213The Air RaceEscape The Clouds2:40
214AwayEscape The Clouds3:05
215MarrakeshEscape The Clouds3:14
216WindEscape The Clouds3:28
217Cashed OutEscape The Clouds3:51
218Lazy SingularitiesEscape The Clouds5:23
219Taking FlightEscape The Clouds4:01
220Through The GardenEscape The Clouds4:09
221Pressure ValveEscape The Clouds3:49
222Among The StarsEscape The Clouds4:10
223Radar DownEscape The Clouds3:49
224Let GoEscape The Clouds4:05
225LiftedEscape The Clouds3:14
226Midnight Train To CairoEscape The Clouds3:42
227Catch The WavesEscape The Clouds3:05
228OpheliacEmilie Autumn5:31
229Marry meEmilie Autumn4:49
230LiarEmilie Autumn5:59
231Let The Record ShowEmilie Autumn3:52
232Gothic LolitaEmilie Autumn6:03
233ShalottEmilie Autumn4:04
234God Help MeEmilie Autumn5:56
235Dead Is The New AliveEmilie Autumn5:09
236Rose RedEmilie Autumn5:30
237Across the SkyEmilie Autumn5:10
238JulietEmilie Autumn5:42
239SwallowEmilie Autumn6:13
240Castle DownEmilie Autumn3:56
241RememberEmilie Autumn3:57
242Dead is the new alive (Album VEmilie Autumn5:01
243Mad girl (Exclusive Tracks)Emilie Autumn4:13
244I Know Where You SleepEmilie Autumn3:13
245How StrangeEmilie Autumn3:08
246I Want My Innocence BackEmilie Autumn3:48
247The Art Of SuicideEmilie Autumn5:30
248Liar (Album Version)Emilie Autumn6:00
249If You Feel BetterEmilie Autumn4:50
250EverEmilie Autumn6:11
251Save YouEmilie Autumn4:53
252Heard It AllEmilie Autumn3:23
253ChambermaidEmilie Autumn3:15
254Liar (Machine Mix By Dope StarEmilie Autumn3:56
255Dead is the New Alive (Manipulator Mix by Dope Stars INC.)Emilie Autumn5:09
256La FoliaEmilie Autumn10:28
257Best safety lies in fear (ExclEmilie Autumn2:53
258In the lake (Exclusive Track LEmilie Autumn4:00
259Let it die (Exclusive Track LiEmilie Autumn3:16
260Liar (Murder Mix By Brendon SmEmilie Autumn5:47
261Liar (Manic Depressive Mix ByEmilie Autumn4:56
262Liar (Medical Mix By AngelspitEmilie Autumn5:27
263Dead is the new alive (VelvetEmilie Autumn5:07
264Dead is the new alive (ManipulEmilie Autumn5:09
265Thank God I'm pretty (Cover ByEmilie Autumn3:56
266Unlaced (Preview Track From ThEmilie Autumn3:33
267Gloomy Sunday (Deluxe VersionEmilie Autumn3:23
268DominantEmilie Autumn3:46
269I Want My Innonce BackEmilie Autumn3:46
270Poem: At what point does a Shakespeare sayEmilie Autumn0:34
271Bach: Largo for violinEmilie Autumn4:06
272306Emilie Autumn5:36
273Eye of the StormLovett3:25
274Drop Da BombDr. Steel2:36
275Childhood (Don't) a Go-GoDr. Steel4:39
276Totally ModedDr. Steel2:00
277SchizophrenicDr. Steel2:00
278Slapped by MoeDr. Steel2:56
279Bohemian GroveDr. Steel3:53
280The Dr. Steel ShowDr. Steel2:25
281GreedyDr. Steel2:30
282Build the RobotsDr. Steel3:01
283Prelude to DominationDr. Steel1:11
284Smokey's ThemeDr. Steel0:42
285On the RunDr. Steel4:32
286Getting Directons / ThuddDr. Steel2:59
287Donkey TownDr. Steel4:05
288Curse of the Crystal SkullDr. Steel5:52
289ConspiracyDr. Steel4:26
290MarionetteDr. Steel5:36
291SpaceboyDr. Steel3:36
292Lullaby ByeDr. Steel2:36
293Lament for a Toy FactoryDr. Steel3:23
294Are We Having Fun Yet?Dr. Steel2:19
295Bikinigram from SatanDr. Steel5:32
296RajaDr. Steel5:52
297Dr. SteelDr. Steel5:05
298Winky In C Minor. Inspector GadgetDr. Steel3:15
299We DecideDr. Steel3:19

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