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Текст песни Westlife - Queen Of My Heart (new Single!)

so here we stand,
In our secret place,
With a sound of the crowd,
So far away...
And you take my hand,
And it feels like home,
We both understand...it's where we belong.
So how do i say,
Do i say goodbye?
We both our dreams,
We both wanna fly,
So let's take tonight...
To carry us through...the lonely times

I'll always look back,
As i walk away,
This memory will last...for eternity,
And all of our tears,
Will be lost in the rain...,
When i've found my way back...to your arms again,
But until the day..
..you, know you are...
The queen of my heart

(queen of my heart)

So let's take tonight,
And never let go,
While dancing we'll kiss,
Like there's...no tomorrow,
As the stars sparkle down,
Like a diamond ring,
I'll treasure this moment...till we meet again.
But no matter how far (matter how far),
Or where you may be (where you may be),
I just close my eyes...(i just close my eyes),
And you're in my dreams,
And there you will be...until we meet

(chorus x2)

You're the queen of my heart (of...my...heart),
No matter how many years it takes... (queen of my heart),
I'll give it all to you,
Oh yea...(queen of my heart)...oh yes you are,
The queen of my heart

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