The Decemberists - Shiny

ShinyThe Decemberists5:11

Текст песни The Decemberists - Shiny

by the bumper cars, in the pretty twining light,
i may have gone too far,
i may have gone too much, too long.
i'm a dull and witless boy.
in the after bars, think i was sullied by a dream.
in the killing jar,
you and me at war at arms
all falling in embrace.

tell me why you lied
and what it is you do to keep your eyes all shiny

a tawny gypsy girl
sleeping blanketed by stars
beneath the tilt-a-whirl
where we were coyly caught alone
all fumbling with your blouse

tell me why you lied
and what it is you do to keep your eyes all shiny

and in the rollercoaster din
by the parachutes in saddle shoes you break your shin
but i have never seen two eyes so shiny
and the sullen beery swine
try to tangle you in sullen beery balls of twine
have they ever seen two eyes so shiny?

the boys in denim vests
smoking cigarettes between their bootblack fingertips
sweetly tipsy by the half-light
the light and the half-light

tell me why you lied
and what it is you do to keep your eyes so shiny

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