Saves The Day - Clash City Rockers

Текст песни Saves The Day - Clash City Rockers

I wanna move the town to the clash city rockers
ou need a little jump of electrical shockers
you better leave town if you only wanna knock us
nothing stands the pressure of the clash city rockers
you see the rate they come down the escalator
now listen to the tube train accelerator
then you realize that you got to have a purpose
or this place is gonna knock you out sooner or later
so don't complain about your useless employment
jack it in forever tonight
so shut your mouth
and pretend you enjoy it

think of all the money you've got
an' I wanna liquefy everybody gone dry
or plug into the aerials that poke up in the sky
or burn down the suburbs with the half-closed eyes
you wont succeed unless you try
you owe me a move say the bells of St. groove
come on and show me say the bells of old Bowie
when I am fitter say the bells of Gary Glitter
no one but you and I say the bells of prince far-I
no one but you and I say the bells of prince far-I
rock rock clash city rockers.

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