Sarah McLachlan - Back Door Man

Текст песни Sarah McLachlan - Back Door Man

You open your eyes, look around

You feel the earth it wanders -

Out, from under your feet - the ground

Is not firm but soft and weak - like skin

Under the touch, cannot stop to falter

Now, the damage is done the certainties gone

The spirits altered


And now the angry morning

Gives the early signs of warning

You must face alone the plans you make

Decisions they will try to break

Our hands are tied on the table

Maybe you can try at the back door man

While the helpless line up on the doorsteps

cause its all they can do to try to get through

All of your life youve lived in a world as pure

As edens sixth day - now all youve been allowed

Is taken away - they will not let you be so proud

And you have felt the fear growing inside

Protest follows far and wide - theyll see how long

It will take till you fall - from so much denied

Your soul - it aches relentless from the fear

That they will never guess - so unfair that

They can make you feel so small

And the fear you know is real


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