Oceano - Weaponized

Текст песни Oceano - Weaponized

With retinas exposed towards an empty sky, the majority relies on religion.
Citing god as a scapegoat for this unrelenting plight.
Such devastation is not divine.
The corruptive hands of OR leaders orchestrated their own nations decline.
Deceivers, transposing fear into a mechanism to delude their fraud.
Such devastation is not divine.
Don't believe their lies.
Such devastation is not divine.
These are lies.
You have been betrayed.
Overruled by an isolated state of secracy, that shall stimulate new birth into an age of suffering.

The population has contracted a viral infliction of life.
And how questions arise.
What shall be done with the damned?
So what shall be done with the damned?
This plague was Weaponized with no source of antidote.
The only cure is genocide.
This plague was weaponized.
Extermination is the only cure.
So fall to your knees they have you defeated.
Fall to you knees they have you defeated.
Fall to you knees and die.

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