Oceano - Inhuman Affliction

Inhuman AfflictionOceano3:17

Текст песни Oceano - Inhuman Affliction

A new plan has been devised. As a society conducts in shadows within confines reeking of rotting flesh, overflowing with human filth and defecation. Fecal stench nauseates the senses. You're oblivious to their dark deception. Of the hundreds they've held captive you've been selected above the rest. You've been selected above the rest of your kind. So prepare to experience these methods first hand. Five repetitious blows fracture the back of your skull, you are restrained and rendered motionless. Vomit spews from your mouth and nose as you convulse, your insides exposed for farther excavation. Spread and dissected, fading from consciousness, your blood soaked body skinned from head to toe. Gaping wide open, the intent of this gruesome affliction begins to show. Butchers of man have set their sights upon your flesh, for profit and nourishment. You are dismembered. Every entrail is consumed. Every entrail is consumed, none of your limbs shall go to waste

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