MASTERBOY - Mister Feeling(RMX)

Mister Feeling(RMX)MASTERBOY6:06

Текст песни MASTERBOY - Mister Feeling(RMX)

Mister Feeling dance the night away
Mister Feeling on a holiday
All we need is to get this feeling
Easy living sunshine every day
Let the feeling never go away
You can call it Mister Feeling
Oh oh oh oh - Mister Feeling Dance the night away
Oh oh oh oh Mister Feeling
Oh oh oh oh Mister Feeling on a holiday
Oh oh oh Mister Feeling
Hey check out the new style from MC T
L.O.V.E. is the masterkey
It's the sign of the time
Yeah a beat of the drum
When you lay down on the beach
And you look in the sun
Yeah it's my feeling
With a number one jam
Do it all together baby hand in hand
Let's shake the house
With a boombastic sound
Mister Feeling makes the world go round

Fun fun fun we are dancing in the sun
So let's have fun fun fun
Just me and you
Love love love oh baby
I can't get enough
So feel the love love love
of me and you

Hey let me show you
What this feeling can do
Listen everybody
it's from me to you
Yellow black blue red and white
All the people in the world unite
From east to west coast
All around
It's the jam of the year
Holiday we're bound
Get your worries out of the way
Mister Feeling dance the night away
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