Lil Jon - Lovers & Friends (Remix)

Текст песни Lil Jon - Lovers & Friends (Remix)

feat. Ludacris, Pitbull, Usher
[Intro - Lil Jon] (Pitbull) {Usher}
Usher, Lil Jon, Ludacris...
{Yeah man} It's on
(Dale Usher, cantale a la mujeres alli)
{You know we had to do it again right?} We had to do it again boy (como?)
Want you to sing to these ladies man, {Oh-oh-oh-oh, aight so I'm up first? oh-oh-oh-oh}
{Let's do it}

[Verse One - Usher]
Baby, how you doin?
looked at you fine, wanna know what you got in mind, and I'm..
Got me feelin like Jodeci girl, I can't leave you alone
take a shot of this here Petrone', and it's gon' be on
VIP done got way too crowded, I'm about to end up callin' it a night
you should, holla at your girl tell her (??)
Pull off, beep-beep shotgun in a GT with me
She said oooh-ohhh...I'm ready to ride, yeah
'cause once you get inside you can't change your mind
Don't mean to sound impatient, but you gotta promise baby, ohh...

[Chorus - Usher]
Tell me again (tell me again my baby)
that we'll be lovers and friends (ooh, I gotta know baby, ohh yeah)
Tell me again, (make sure you're right, ohh before we leave)
that we'll be lovers and friends, ohh, it's a good look baby

[Verse Two - Ludacris]
Really good look baby, look here
Sometime wanna be yo' lover, sometime wanna be yo' friend
sometime wanna hug ya'
hold hands, slow-dance while the record spins
Opened up yo' heart because you said I make you feel so comfortable
used to play back then, now you all grown up like Rudy Huxtable
I could be yo' bud, you could beat me up
play fight in the dark, then we both make up
I do, anything just to feel yo' butt, why you, got me so messed up?

I don't know but you gotta stop trippin'
be a good girl now turn around and get these whippins
you know you like it like that, you don't have to fight back
here's a pillow, bite...that
And I'll be settin' seperate plays
so on all the seperate days, yo' legs can go they seperate, ways


[Verse Three - Pitbull]
ven pa'qa mamita, dejame hablar contigo un momentico
I don't, wanna be yo' lover I just wanna be yo' friend with benefits (benefits)
I'm comin' over so, go ahead and bath go ahead and shave
'cause tonight's yo' night baby you gon' benefit
I wanna feel yo' body inside out, pull it out jump on, and ride out
but first, let me check in this hotel, turn off the cell' dale locita let's hide out
Yo te quiero tocar, te quiero besar, quiero hacerte el amor
aqui, alla, no importa el lugar, dale vamos sudar
Yo soy el hombre que te pone mas que caliente, pero
haste' el favor mu?eca, lo que pasa en la cama no le diga a la gente
'cause that's when they start to envy, but forget about the people
and with this Vodka in me I'ma have you sayin' ai-ai ai-ai chico
now let's uh, end the night of right, uh
Tell you what baby, don't worry 'bout me, I'm just gon' fall asleep inside ya'


[Outro - Ludacris] (Usher) {Lil Jon}
(ah-ah-hoo, ah-ah-hoo, ah-ah-hooo...)
Please tell yo' lovers and friends
that Ursher, Jon', and Luda' had to do it again {Hey, hey)
Uh, please tell yo' lovers and friends
that Ursher, Jon', and Luda' had to do it again (hey)
please tell yo' lovers and friends
that Ursher, Jon', and Luda' had to do it again (hey)

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