Lil Jon - Choo Choo

Текст песни Lil Jon - Choo Choo

*Chorus* (Lil' O)[Hawk]
Share the pussy Share the pussy [They can share]
Share the pussy Share the pussy [You know you want it]
Share the pussy Share the pussy [Like that]
Share the pussy Share the pussy
Choo Choo let a nigga run a train
Choo Choo let a nigga run a train
Choo Choo let a nigga run a train
Is you down for dick sucking and fucking and everythang

(Lil' O)[girl]
Ever seen a broad get drunk off hennesy on the rocks
Then I pop me and ex(extasy) now i'm fiening for cops
Thats when I notice her sholder staring at the gleam on my watch
Licking her lips rubbing her tits ooh you making me hot
She had a waist like a boss and neck like a hoss
And by the twich in her walk I knew she love when I floss
I whispered in her ear baby let me hit but first
You down to leave with a player she replied [of course]
Took her to the room and baby I was ramming her
Had her hitting off the wall showing stamina
My dick was eating up her pussy like an canibus
She was like [ooh Lil O you a animal]
Thats when I rolled her on her stomacje and I worked her caboose
Deep shots like three corners made her nut me some juice
Then she made her pussy squeeze had it grippin my goose
Made me bust about a gallon had to go and produce


(Big Hawk)
Missy freaky deaky I was watching you peep me
From the look in your eyes I can tell that you're sneaky
You're ready to eat me I know you hate to admit

I know you want it come and get it cause I been antious to hit
Girl i'm ready to rip I hear you love good sex
So I map out a plan like an artchitech
Aint no name calling or no disrespect
How many hits does it take to get the pussy wet
Make you Sweat like Keith feel the bodily heat
When I dig I dig deep and make you grit your teeth
I'm a natural freak in between the sheets
But what you got between your legs girl I ain't gon eat
But you can suck the meat til i'm about to cum
Call it sixtey eight(68) and I owe you one(1)
My job is done I love the way you work the tongue
But you done digedy done digedy digedy done done


Let keep the situation playa while I put me some dosza in the air
Pass the pussy but share cause you know I don't care
Mr.3-2 extroidanaire and the choo choo a gun
Knocking you straight broads down and these lesbians
Yes I am you already know
Yellow black it bout to go down after the show
Me Mike D Hawk Lil O tag teamin niggas be dreaming
But we got these bitches screaming like they mean it
Every race and the cock I seen it that aint us lets run train
Give me and my patnas some brain all pussy the same
Don't remeber the face or name hoes who whine to much
And I can't count the number of bitches that can lick my two nuts
Two sluts no bras equal(=) manaja twois
Then turn them all to my potnas lean of them like bar
World wide super star we ain't hand cuffin
So bitch pass the pussy we ain't talking bout nothing

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