Lil Duval - Wat Dat Mouf Do

Текст песни Lil Duval - Wat Dat Mouf Do

[Hook: Lil Duval]
Show me what that mouth do (x7)
I swear that this the nastiest song (x4)

[Verse 1: Lil Duval]
Somethin' 'bout your lips when they on my dick
Bitch, you ain't shit if I don't nut quick
Pull my pants down and let's have this meetin'
Mistletoe over my dick, season's greetin'
Girl, grab them balls, them bitches jealous
Lick my runway to take me to Heaven
Ooh shit, I'm 'bout to cum... Bitch, don't move
Bitch don't m--, B-bitch, don't move!


[Verse 2: Trae Tha Truth]
I'm here to fuck, won't shit get read wrong
These thots get tapped, no cell phone
Killer with the head game, get a headstone
Dinnertime, she gon' eat it 'til the head gone
Who better? Say it don't matter
Bet I'll put inches all up in your bladder
All in her throat, tryna climb like a ladder

Oh shit, I mean come down her throat like I'm Santa
She rep for the H, now she up in Atlanta
She only wear red like them cats in bandanas
I tell her "Eat dick", give a fuck about manners
She know what I'm 'bout, she heard that I'm the skillest
Show me what that mouth do, got a surfboard all in your house too
She wanna ride that, ho, and get lost through
Straight up, fuck your couch too, nigga
Ain't nothin' like me, I'm Truth, truth like track, big hoes run loose
Wrong wardrobe, these hoes get boost, can't have no top just like my coupe
I don't fuck with mutts, I'd rather fuck with sluts
Who got a badass team and likes to moan a bunch
You better find that [?]
I barely play the game unless I'm playin' clutch


[Outro: Lil Duval]
Aaaaah! I just always wanted to do that
Aaaaah! This them high notes, Mariah ain't got shit on me!
Aaaaah! Aa-aah, aa-aa-aa, ahh--mm
Aaaaah! Do re mi go la so di, aaah!

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