Leann Rimes - Trouble With Goodbye

Текст песни Leann Rimes - Trouble With Goodbye

It aint working

Dont take no genius to see

Its hurting more every day

Goin thru the motions

Aint we

And its too sad for me

Once we were

True lovers

Feeling the heat

Oh, but i

Cant say the word we have to say

Dont askl me why

Lets just say

See ya round, gotta go

Sayonara, adios,


Au revoir, auf wiedersehen,

Ciao bella, never change

Oh mercy mercy

Dont make me cry

I got trouble with goodbye

Dont explain it away

Cause, it just aint my thing

All this articulating

Just a little heartbreak

Why make it more than it seems

Id much rather

Get back to dreamin my dreams

See cause Ive been thinkin

Well meet again someday

But until we do

Lets just say


Wish I could be so free

Yeah they take it so casually

Oh but baby thats just not me

Oh no Ive never been

And I wil never be

Cause Ive got, I got trouble


Oh no I dont really wanna go

Dont want to say the words

Dont wanna say goodbye


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