La Coka Nostra - Soldiers Of Fortune

Soldiers Of FortuneLa Coka Nostra2:48

Текст песни La Coka Nostra - Soldiers Of Fortune

[Verse 1: Ill Bill]

Yo, yo, yo, yo, yo
I see past everyone else, my name is Billy Idol and my influence is heavily felt
Do it myself, my DNA inflict your slaughter like Tony ? talks shit to his daughter
As I approach the hour of reprisal
In a black truck, black moon, black guns, black metal, black sun
Two minutes until midnight, we amped up
Homie, stand up, leave the competition blammed up
Walk quietly and carry a humongous biscuit
I’m that guy that smacked your moms and fucked your sister
I care less whether you love Buddha or Jesus
Not even Mohammed could stop these bullets from freezing
Your blood ice cold in your arms and legs
Lie in a lifeless pose plus you’re missing part of your head
I often thought if I could travel through time, what I would do
Often I drift between breaths of ganja fumes
Seeing mayhem unfold in the yards of schools
Seeing Satan on the chrome screaming God’s a fool
Peep the angel of death creeping on you dudes
You’re confusing my customers, man, you’re not the truth

[Verse 2: Slaine]

We walk close to the edge and we don’t care what the limit is
This is business, we the new Cohens and Simmonses
The bad seed you cats are growing your images
You don’t know any lyricists, you only know what a gimmick is
I know about parents’ dreams, I know where The Dimock is
I know about guns, drugs, I know the whole city, kid
I know what an idiot is, where he lives with his bitch and his kid
For the ditch that he digged was dug
I know about hate, I know there’s no love
I know about the stress from an AIDS test, I fuck with no glove

Tattoos from a dirty needle spelling my alias
Ask about me in the Bean and they’ll tell you how real he is
I’m the monsoon goon, pistol packing with coke
Packaging ropes, bringing blades to the back of your throat
Every record that I made is like a package of dope
So take a sniff of fury, homie, take a whack of the hope

[Verse 3: Everlast]

Call me Mr. White, call me Whitey Furrah
Play me out, call me Devil and I’ll send you to God
You pretend to be hard, yo I bring the Jihad
I make war on the man that makes war on the D
Bismillah ir-Rahman ir-Rahim, caporegime, captain of the team
I know I’m uncivilized, I know I’m unclean
I know I get high, I know I’m sick, I’m obscene
Subliminal hymning, original sinning
Purple drinks swimming, chasing young loose women
There’s flames for the coward, praise for the martyr
I’m older, I’m wiser, I’m James fucking Carter
In the meanwhile you’re going out like Reagan
If your girl goes wild, sacrifice that pagan

‘Cause it’s Coka, it’s going down
Do you want it by the key, do you want it by the pound?
Yo it’s Coka, it’s going down
Do you want it by the key, do you want it by the pound?
Yo it’s Coka, it’s going down
Do you want it by the key, do you want it by the pound?
Yo it’s Coka, it’s going down
Do you want it by the key, do you want it by the pound?
Yo it’s Coka

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