kyle - Oceans

Текст песни kyle - Oceans

Well I'm in Ventura just posted
Got done hitting my old chick
Called up my nigga Nolan
Said lets get this shit in motion
Now I'm really fucking I done upgraded from lotion
Put put on my rubber suit and I'll go diving in the ocean

[Verse 1]
Told her come chill with my brosephs
My circle's really open
Ya’ll know what you like, but I never been the type for smokin'
That's been me since age 13 and holidays with no friends
When Mr. Man had the crib with speakers, they was loc'n
Yes sometimes my game be slacking, but that’s just because I’m focused
I’m giving hugs and making sure that all my verses go in
If you let me hit it, then I swear I’ll Sammy Sosa it
You got perfect legs girl, I wonder what time they open
Yeah, I wonder what time they open
Yo, this bottle of Ciroc is a coupon


[Verse 2]
Alright look
How you smoke all that herb?
How you know all them words?
Heard you was on a diet shawty, how you get all them curves?
Yeah I wanted Pokemon but that don't make me a nerd
And yeah I saved your Facebook pic, but that don't makes me a perv
Does it? Really really I swear

What the fuck do you put in your hair?
Please explain how you get your ass to fit in that chair
And I failed all my college classes, all I could do was just stare
You should let me hit like for real that shit’s only fair
No, I’m dead serious
Take it off, yeah, just take off your pants
Shut up, shut up
Haha, da da da da ahhhh


[Verse 3]
I’m sorry, but that’s not usually me and all
But the outline of your jeans and all
Make me wanna beat my meat and all
They say love ain't cheap at all
And if it’s real, then keep it all
Bring it to my bedroom baby, I bet we won’t sleep at all
Yeah, but the couch works fine
Your legs and your head and your mouth work fine
Whatever you want but that drink, that’s mine
Nah that ain't grape juice, that’s wine
Nah that ain't real shit that’s around
Nah that ain't, okay well it is
Pictures of you taking a shower and the address to where you live
I mean uh it’s not like I was going to use it
You know, I was not going to kill you and your parents
Or something weird like that


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