kyle - It's Going To Be

Текст песни kyle - It's Going To Be

[Verse 1: Kyle]
F the Police, Cause they F our bridges
And they F our freedom, Trying to F our dreams
Make it from the bottom is what, we all here need
And my hometown ain't sleeping, Welcome to the Queens
Get crucified
Cause people wouldn't recognize what you've done
And they would judge you
Like they did To Jesus Christ
Ain't common rights, Without our pleasure
Seems like, I see the world, Without them Actors
Crime scenes, No witness
We all inside a system
And niggas that ain't living, Made to the Graveyard limits
Pursuit of Happiness, My chain ain't in the class list
And Rollies got me rolling like I am Michael Jackson
Polly is gone of the molly, and Heartbreak is the case of
Suicied doors got wack with this white Porsche
Financial Aid to the ladies that got pills
Ain't living in the hills
And tell me now how you feel
BET in the white way, WET
Girls see me in the street be like WET
Reload the stainless, Ain't got KLD
White girls go party, Got that LCD?
Blacony in the cold winter, 9 below O
My heart beating but I ain't feeling the blood in it
Affiliated to the chasers that go lyrical with me
And this woman around me Like I'm killing with vintage

Tell'em to go foward and chase them dreams
Tell'em get Imagination and make it free
And them Cars, and Girls, and Clothes, and Bro's

It's going to be, Everybody on this
Make yourself a Soldier, and kill on it
Make the time your friend, and get the G's
And The love, The hoes, The Money, And Bro's
It's going to be, Everybody on this thing

[Verse 2]
Back in my days
Asking to be on them songs
Guess I felt different, I ain't Feeling Like writing Poems
And Stones, Ready to affect your Neurons
And Politics were only guys dressed like alcapone
And who's me? Guess I'm looking for it
Remember when I tried to get employed
None of this records going to make you Loyal, or make you Gorgeous
But I still Here trying to let go all my Problems


Tell everybody we here for it
Tell them Niggas to get ready for it
And we going to let bangs
And pray for the Man
In Jesus name...AMEN!



Whatever I'm here, and chasing my dreams
Whatever I'm here
Whatever I'm here
Whatever I'm here

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