kyle - Flawless

Текст песни kyle - Flawless

Verse - Kyle
Loner by choice, stop with all that noise/
Kill All Forever, chillin wit my boys/
On the track to riches, that's what we on/
Thats the way it is, even ask Dion/
Im gone already, my mind was just leav-on/
To people showing respect, yeah nigga i see ya'll
Its all bout progression, the steps to keep winn-on/
Cause people like to stall as if they were piss-on/
No time for bullshit, or people who's f-kin useless/
Time to distribute music, for fiends who like to abuse it/
Its the Dope Flow Dealer, baby ain't nothing realer/
You hating little fockers, yeah I've been-still a/
Sicker more emcee, you rappers just can't touch him/
To the people who don't believe in movement I say fuck 'em/
To the people showing support, got nothing but love for 'em/

Only my inner circle breaking bread, don't ask for nothing/
Reserving dough for what future has in store/
You better follow suit, as if you chillin up in Moores/
Its the kid on the come up, nocturnal until the sun up/
See you on top, till then, ha good luck/

Ya'll can't flow this flawlessly/
I flow sick, stop comparing me/
Its the Kill All Team, and DoubleRCMP/
We're bringing heat, show them fools what i mean/

Verse - RP


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