kyle - Decipher

Текст песни kyle - Decipher

I did it on my own, I ain't talking bout Oprah/
Kyle controlling minds, like Mk Ultra/
Throwing sublime lines, for you posers/
Binaural beats, going through yall/
While ya'll sitting on ya sofa/
Relax, meditation on rap/
Im going off the wall, like Mike Jack playing craps/
Im tryna find info Im tryna find facts/
But eyes on me, so I can't do that/
Thats a dollar for your thoughts, for whatever the cost/
When something is gained, then another thing is lost/
I ain't talking bout weight, or Matthew Fox/
Its the 21st century, Who's talking bout Fox/
No Jaimie, No Vivica or Megan/
Everybody Knows, Im gonna be a Legend/
Can I ask you a question, before them boys fill you up with Led like Zepplien/
Can I, ask a Rhetorical question/
Well Can I? Quote Ambrose Bierce, before I disappear/

God's the Only One I fear, I mean this/
Your boy a mensa genuis, Leguizamo undefeated/
My Suicidal flow, bout to blow up like extremists/
Peep this, Im the best in my Region, they said they want more/
My man I said I want more/
Its the Big Bang Theory,Chuck Lorre/
Bros. dropped Sheen cause he wanted two and a half men
It ain't greed, its ambition/
The hottest shit you heard from Kitchen/
Some Rappers non-existent, face on milk cartons Missing/
If you think im sick, then you werent even listen'/
No biggie, Im sick with this sicker more style/
Pure lyricist, Undefiled/
What else, Kill Your Lame Enemies, a motto from Kyle/
And forget about G shocks, we use sun dials/

Kill all, kill all who kill

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