kyle - A Okay

Текст песни kyle - A Okay

[Verse 1]
Yeah, okay so this is for the white girls who ain't heard me
And for the blogs who label me as nerdy
Tryna keep me down but yo don't worry
I got all the answers like my nickname scurry
Steven Hawking test me, ain't no one can best me
I just kill everything, hey someone should arrest me
They try to Kanye West me and I don't care who assest me
I don't ever let a nigga circle bubble lotter check me
Tell the pretty chick in the dress "oh ayyee"
Rascal ass niggas on the scene Otay
Niggas dont want it with my clique, No way
If they want to get hit that shit, Okay

[Hook x2]
Pretty ass girls in the back say hey
Skinny ass niggas playing games say hey
They gon' talk talk but it ain't gon' change
Super duper Kyle stay a okay

[Verse 2]

So um so, me and my team and shit
We're really fucking real right?
Flows so cold, I could make a stove chill right?
My nigga it's the rapper, ill adapter, more like your new favorite rapper
McDonald's wrappers, is making illing slappers
Swaggy ass tee, pulling out my jeans
Like they ain't dweebs, scream these niggas don't mean nuthin
They could go to hell if that's really how they feel
Sorry if you think I'm fake, I just keep it real
Real, Real yeah I could do that
You're a fucking liar, nigga true that, true that
You ain't got no heart, I could see it in your face
To these guys in my lane, get the fuck out my way
They ain't got no say so
Saving up them pesos, can't carry their weight
And I ain't trying to be their cane though
Sick of being doubted, sick of being hated
So I'm just gonna kill it 'till I'm sick of being famous

[Hook x2]

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