Kid Cudi - Shed A Little Light

Текст песни Kid Cudi - Shed A Little Light

(Verse 1: Kid Cudi)
Wake up in the morning same shirt same jeans
Wishing of the rich life, I roll when I lean
Not knowing what that life or that day bring
Wonder what if the light shines bright what if i can't see
If I do what I do to get through, then that's what I'mma do
Pure focus when I spew, having been in a pew for some time now
But that don't necessarily mean I'm hell bound
Stuck in my ways, hoping better days come through the cracks
Every day same thing: eat, sleep, shit, rap
Then shake it, mice running round my damn sticky trap
Ants on the plates and food, rapping the only thing cool
My mood chilling in my staring up at the ceiling
Nigga my life day to day is lord willing
The dry wall pillars metaphors for my feelings
Yeah, starting a new life no more drug dealing nigga

(Hook x2)
Let me shed a little light for my niggas in the dark
Let me shed a little light for my niggas
All my niggas on that day to day grind tryna' to live they dreams
Just trying to get this cream

(Verse 2:)
When I was younger I told myself I wouldn't smoke
That was the biggest joke
I'm addicted to these ports like they're pure coke
I'm selling this journey out with no real route
World thought I wanna go, all I really know is that I'm making moves
Whether it's robbing fools or making people groove my nigga
You know I'm choosing something
I remeber getting older and not caring 'bout nothing
All I knew was that I had a destiny; that was my sixth sense
I grind with six cents, and spent six years of rap
I'm hungry, Chris just made it happen
You know Mescudi, I was tired of being
Picture this; two bedrooms and four siblings
I slept on the couch for 14 years of my life
Finally copped him a bed in the living room it's alright
Let me shed a little light, I'mma crawl out the dark
And I'mma grind till the end till my life's cut off nigga


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