Kid Cudi - Love Stoned

Love StonedKid Cudi2:22

Текст песни Kid Cudi - Love Stoned

[Verse 1: KiD CuDi]
Yeah yeah yeah..... cudi!..... fools gold
Awesome the words im too smart young black man
Not on any curbs
But I like them with the curves
Maybe from the hood or maybe from the burbs
Before I was embedded in the fog
Now people address me in theyre blogs
And I love it dog yeah yeah I rock this shit for y'all.... heyyyy
So when you see me salute this is for all the haters that ain't really give a hoot
If im not dope I'm the worst patoot and no homeboy I dont aim for the loot
But I aim for change within the CRAP game I mean the RAP game with soo many names
Some official some are like poo poo who a issue with you what the fuck?
Do you understand your position pimpin? all we hear about is sex and pinchin
Pass the next and we need to switch it early 90's hell yeah I miss it
Naughty By Nature 2Pac and BIG shit I am the piece of the puzzle thats probably missing
And I guess im here for that job, so all the swagger jackers need to step off

I know you hear it over and over

Sucka em-cee's should move over, over
Im runnin these niggas over, over
Im runnin these haters over, over
Ooh ooh ahh ahh ahh ahh
Ima change the game
Ooh ooh ahh ahh ahh ahh
Ima do my thing with the game
Ooh ooh ahh ahh ahh ahh
Ima change the game
Ooh ooh ahh ahh ahh ahh
Lets go

You see ima go as far as I can go
I smoke to get high because the world is so low
Within me is soul, I let myself flow
See these niggas is lame man its a shame
But see a hero will reign you'll all know his name
The man on the moon
The man on the moon, moon, moon

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