Kid Cudi - Cudi Get

Текст песни Kid Cudi - Cudi Get

Give me more, uh, uhh, come on feel the noise
Don't stop the boys, they get wild

[Verse 1]
Step it up, let your neck snap back
Uh, saddle up baby-girl put your hair back
Hurry up, barkeep, keep the brew coming
Tryna drank 'til my back start slumping
Like old man, live by the old rules
Fought all the steps in front of the old fools
Got me nowhere, nigga, it's a different time
Fuck '08, niggas thinking '09
I take a look behind, niggas can't form a line
Like Kindergarten waitin' for the water fountain
Standin' up, said, arms crossed, poutin'
Scott Mescudi, boy they was doubtin' him
And 'til they Googled me and found that Imeem
They love a dooder, they love me I mean
I can't believe how I had a dream of Martin King
But they ain't takin' me out on no balcony


[Verse 2]
Stand up, put your arms to the ceiling man
Show skin, baby-girl, yeah I'm a fan

Won't do you wrong, like a pushover
See my Cutty ridin' through, better pull over
Like I got blue, red lights shining 'round
But if I see the man, slowly put the cup down
"How you doin' Officer? Nice mustache"
Dunkin Donut eatin' muthafuckas hatin', damn
I get my speed-racer on
Playin' Ray Cash, get my Cleveland city on
Brooklyn to Cali, jet-lagged and all
There's still enough time to hit the mall
Shit, one wish when I'm deceased
Bury me in 501's and ten deep
And please keep the bapes on the feet
So I can watch the devil ice-grill me
Haha, yeah, how you like a nigga now?
I'm it like the clown

And Cudi get (Wild wild wild)
I get (Wild wild wild)
Back, back up in the mix like that
How y'all feel? How y'all feel?
Y'all a'ight? That's right
And it's like that Plain-Pat, holla at me, man

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