Харизма - Tour Guide

Текст песни Харизма - Tour Guide

[Verse 1: Kharizma]

Take a ride through the city with the young emcee
The Baltimorian with steez an ill breed philosophy
Here we have our highs and low strugglin' with numbers
Winter thru summer the temperature rises and plummets
Sum up a difference im opposite from most rappers
Working 8-4 google map my job atlas
Can't get caught fucking with these squares like Wendy's
I'm all rounded full of a talent mental balanced
Leave foes silence they absentee the mic challenge
Out from the basement where I announcing my defiance
In Rosedale but like Park Heights the kid cause havoc
Stuck like static to fabric the sequence is automatic
East to west you can catch Khariz lounging on the average
A tour guide all year round navigating the quest/
Runnin' sound cross country so plug in your audio jack
From Fallston to Druid Hill I'm back up on the attack

[Hook (4x)]:

It's one time for your mind like uhh!!
To my people we keep it rockin like uh huh
It's one time for your mind like uhh!!
Out-of-towners should gather round like Aye!!

It's one time for your mind like uhh!!
Charm City we keep it rockin like
It's one time for your mind like uhh!!
Everybody should gather round like..

[Verse 2: Kharizma]

I'm top shelf fresh off the conveyor belt
And leavin' niggas outdated like spoiled milk
I'm riding in the whip scented like sex and candles
Mami stylish peeping her gear down to her sandals
I stroll surroundings and people like who is this?
The smoother than jazz, cooler than arctic lakes get
The temperatures down sense it like a viper's pit
Somethings foul foes tryin Wesley Snipes my shit
Catch me inner harbor sound riding windows down
My woofers loud can you speak above surround
Khariz reppin Charm City where I hold the crown
Got that Acuvue flow clearer than ever before
Leave competition severed like a game of Gears of War
From Baltimore sippin Natti while yall pitchin' raw
My vocals sore so i'll talk to all of y'all tomorrow

[Hook (x4)]

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