Харизма - Hurry! Love

Текст песни Харизма - Hurry! Love


This ones dedicated to anybody who ever
Had feelings for that special someone and
Just didn't know how to explain it or
Anybody who was afraid of losing that love
They felt was there....

Check it out

[Verse 1:]

These long nights on the road got me feeling zoned
Spending more time away together then we do at home
Trying to find someone special to share your heart with
Its too legit quit and these others suckas can't touch this
You been in a rough spot and dealing with your past
My love locked down needing bail hope you got the cash
Just fighting for your love see other dudes I outclass
Thinking about the ring feeling this might ever last
Im that hero for your heart girl I'mma soar for it
Then steal your love babe im the ultimate culprit
Though nowadays our conversations limited to face
What im saying girl is you will never be replaced
Thinking I fall love too fast head over heels too much
Head in the clouds friends telling I should give it up
I ask what? and they respond back that chick you cuff
I can never say goodbye and can't stop til I get enough

Chorus (2x)
I need you, want you
Hurry Up this way again
I love you
Hurry Up this way again
Tryin to let you know

[Verse 2:]

Diggin your luggage looking fly did we met at B.W.I
Judging the case like Thurgood when I dropped by
Stoned like medusa with a contact high off your eyes
Your pretty brown eyes to mine could sing a lyllabye

I'll be by your side on the nights when you shedding tears
Floral deliveries and teddy bears for nights I'm not near
Giving you something to cuddle with for when I'm not there
Our feelings veering off course so let me can commandeer
We're both victims of being fine with minus court time
If what we have is wrong then were partners in crime
Just hope you find time to listen and understand my rhymes
Made this one especially for you and not to get signed
See everytime im in the booth you be on my mind
Can explain why you get an EP of the illest lines
Even though your mind change like lanes I'm stay the same
But girl for the love of you I can't blame....Damn

Chorus (2x)
I need you, want you
Hurry Up this way again
I love you
Hurry Up this way again
Tryin to let you know

[Verse 3:]

To break up then make up like Gina and Martin
Hope we could re-run just to be what's happening
Never will I leave my queen I'm not Spartan
Keep the chemistry going I like to experiment
Taking trips to gallerias for whatever you like
Paper trails around town buying whatevers in sight
Hit 395 enjoy some fine dining tonight
I care to do these things for you cause it just feels right
Confused and dazed on thoughts what to say
And see babe you caught me trippin no baggage claim
Six feet under the stars intertwined in the moonlight
As we make out no doubt girl I'll grip that frame tight
Have you whispering in my ear you wanna do me right
Sparking paper planes bumpin Wiz take another flight
Our feelings and desires a split track roller-coaster
Seems growing apart gives us ways to come closer

Ending Chorus (x4)

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