Kehlani - Kehlani & Klyde

Текст песни Kehlani - Kehlani & Klyde

About to get this money
In and out, just like last time
Anything pop off
We get outta here

We driving real slow and
We don't never let nobody know when
We about to motherfucking blow shit
Pull your mask down
We ready to go and and

We driving real slow and
We don't never let nobody know when
We about to motherfucking blow shit
Pull your mask down baby
We could go and and

[Verse 1]
Hustle hard look lavish when you show up
Niggas got the drive
All we missing is the come up
Runnin' through your houses
Snatchin' all the shit up
Baby get your licks up
Maybe we could sit up
Honest stack of cash
Get the money that's the motive
Niggas get to bustin' when they see clip loaded
Not a bad person
Gotta hustle so I don't get
(l-lost up in the crowd of the basic and the brokest)
Pull up to the house
Pull your mask down
Load the bullets in the choppa
Look me in the eyes when we hop out of the Honda
Creepin' on the lawn like shadows [?}
He said baby are you ready
Don't be scared think deadly
Move fast like a jetski
When we rollin' in the paper
I swear that we gettin' married


[Verse 2]
Heart beatin'
Knees start to weakin'
We become dependent
Hittin' licks on every weekend
I wonder do you ever get tired of this
Cause' fast money ain't forever
But no money ain't no better
Doing what we gotta do
To accumulate the chedder
He leaned over and whispered gave me a kiss

Baby I love you
You know know that I love you so much
That I'd do about anything for you

Even risk it all (2x)

And I'm torn between my heart and mind
Trying to convince myself that this is right
For all we know it could be all last night
For all we know it could be our last time

[Man talking]
Don't fucking move
Why the fuck are you in my fucking house

[Kehlani talking]
We pulled up to the second house on the left
Nerves as fuck
You could hear it in our breath
Anyways he touched my face so softly
And I knew it was time
For a split second
All I wanted to do was cry
Not out of fear
Just my heart screaming how wrong it all was
But it's survival of the fittest
Sometimes things are wrong in love
Mask on, hands clasped, prayers to the sky
God watch over us
Love, Kehlani and Klyde


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