K.D. Lang - Pay Dirt

Текст песни K.D. Lang - Pay Dirt

Folks been diggin' into the ground
Won't be stoppin' until it's found
They might dig all the way to China
That would be just fine
You understand what I'm sayin'
They don't wanna work
They're hopin' and a prayin' for
Pay dirt

Folks are goin' to the rivers
And siftin' in the sand
All they've been findin'
Is the lids of tin cans
Of course it doesn't stop 'em
There's big bucks sellin' junk
Then turn around and buy it
For more than it's worth

They gamble and they bargain for
Pay dirt, pay dirt, pay dirt
Pay dirt

Well, I heard tell that some folks
Won't fall in love
Unless the one they's courtin'
Got more than enough
Well, nothin' gets the heart a goin'
Faster than a wad of dough
Unless it's the price of
A tease and a flirt
And promises of fistfuls
Pay dirt, pay dirt
Pay dirt

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