Jimi Hendrix - Stepping Stone

Stepping StoneJimi Hendrix4:11

Текст песни Jimi Hendrix - Stepping Stone

I sure got the blues this morning, baby

Yeah! and Im here to tell you about it

So you might as well pick up on it!

Im a man

At least Im tryin to be

Ive lived before

The other half of me

Ive lived before

That you dont want me

But in this search

For nothing desperately

Oh, Im tryin tryin

Not to be a fool

Im tryin tryin

Lord to keep my cool, baby tryin so hard to keep it together

After I find, baby

That true love of mine

Im just rollin screamin

Cryin flyin

Cant be trusted, but busted

Rolling stone

Youre a woman

At least you say you are

Youre a woman

At least you look like you are

Youre a woman

At least you taste like you are

But you can take it off

In bed with my guitar

And then you leave them

Throw me outside

To cry, cry

To the moon and the nighttime

Save my soul,

You cant find

All you want is a ticket to ride

After you show me everything

It did prove otherwise

You just rollin, screamin, cryin good love is sometime, but cant be trusted

Steppin stone

Steppin stone

Steppin stone

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