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Текст песни Jason Mraz - Burning Bridges (Unreleased Demo)

I know exactly how you feel
you were this close to closing deals
when everything fell from out your hands
you were forced to decide on other plans now
you figured it best to just to ignore it
otherwise you're only living for it
and if anyone ever wondered why you did it
you'd swear they never knew you sold your soul to the
burning, burning, burning bridges

you know exactly what I want so
I don't have to be so damn upfront
no matter the moment we decide to make our minds up
I know a man who may need a new assignment
to hand in his heart and take his last vacation
attempting to spoil imagination

if anyone ever wonders where he went
I wouldn't say that he spent his time driving over
burning, burning, burning bridges

burning, burning which is
nothing more than a longing for being uninvolved

oh, desire can cause heart attacks
oh, desire can cause heart attacks
oh, desire can cause heart attacks
oh, desire, it won't bring you back

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