In Flames - F(r)iend

F(r)iendIn Flames3:26

Текст песни In Flames - F(r)iend

Some men think the most puzzling question is,
why did the world stop?

As they all felt the fire
They turned me into an outsider
I never heard from them again
So ironic when you called for a favor today

It's always easy to judge
But takes a lot to be specific
'cause as you preach you're opening the door
To your egos past

There was a day when I could forget
I could forgive but those days are gone
I see them fade

Filth in every new day
Filth runs in every new day

I learned to mute the anger

I never thought I would be there again
A moment, a dead end
I lost myself in here

Filth in every new day
Filth runs in every new day

I ran as I saw the end
Should I have joined the fight instead?
Hope you are listening
'cause now times have changed

I take a look around
Say this moment's mine
Flee all the weak minds
Feel my missed hidden rage

Filth in every new day
Filth runs in every new day
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