IAMX - Song Of Imaginary Beings

Song Of Imaginary BeingsIAMX4:25

Текст песни IAMX - Song Of Imaginary Beings

Her mother said that she couldn’t love
The physical way a woman should
Then where else could she could go
Where the sisters and the fathers can’t save her soul
Send them in, see them on
If she can’t find a lover she'll fashion one
Imaginary men, like the burnt out poets in the hinterland

The phoenix says
The doublet says
The serpent says
The siren says

(3 suggestions:
1. Why use the word, when the word it means to believe -????
2. Why miss the word, when the word means the relief-????)
3. Why use the word, when the word needs belief -????

The Hourglass sees
What shelf-life does
She asked exactly: Tell me what is love?
(But breathing life alone-?)
(It's just the words from a prophet, town religious shows-?)
Imagine hurt, imagine tears
She opened up until she disappeared
And vanished hand in hand
With all the long lost children locked in Neverland


Burn for me
Lie for me
Beg for me
Die for me

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