Genesis - In The Rapids

In The RapidsGenesis2:26

Текст песни Genesis - In The Rapids

He dives down into the cold water. at first he is thrown onto the rocks, and pulled under the water by a fast moving channel, which takes him right past john, down river.

Moving down the water

John is drifting out of sight,

Its only at the turning point

That you find out how you fight.

In the cold, feel the cold

All around

And the rush of crashing water

Surrounds me with its sound.

Rael manages to grab a rock, pull himself to the surface and catch his breath. as john is carried past, rael throws himself in again and catches hold of his arm. he knocks john unconscious and t

Ocking themselves together, he rides the rapids into the slow running water, where he can swim to safety.

Striking out to reach you

I cant get through to the other side,

When youre racing in the rapids

Theres only one way, thats to ride.

Taken down, taken down

By the undertow

Im spiralled down the river bed,

My fire is burning low.

Catching hold of a rock thats firm,

Im waiting for john to be carried past.

We hold together, hold together and shoot the rapids fast.

But as he hauls his brothers limp body onto the bank he lies him out and looks hopefully into his eyes for a sign of life. he staggers back in recoil, for staring at him with eyes wide open is

Ohns face - but his own.

And when the waters slow down

The dark and the deep

Have no-one, no-one, no-one, no-one

No-one left to keep.

Hang on john! were out of this at last.

Somethings changed, thats not your face.

Its mine - its mine!

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