Genesis - Dance On A Volcano

Dance On A VolcanoGenesis4:15

Текст песни Genesis - Dance On A Volcano

Holy Mother of God
You've got to go faster than that to get to the top
Dirty old mountain
All covered in smoke, she can turn you to stone
So you better start doing it right
better start doing it right

You're halfway up and you're halfway down
And the pack on your back is turning you around
Throw it away, you won't need it up there, and remember
You don't look back whatever you do
Better start doing it right

On your left and on your right
Crosses are green and crosses are blue
Your friends didn't make it through
Out of the night and out of the dark

Into the fire and into the fight
Well that's the way the heroes go, ho! Ho! Ho!

Through a crack in Mother Earth
Blazing hot, the molten rock
Spills out over the land
And the lava's the lover who licks your boots away, hey! Hey! Hey!
If you don't want to boil as well
B - B - Better start the dance
D - D - Do you want to dance with me

The music's playing, the notes are right
Put your left foot first and move into the light
The edge of this hill is the edge of the world
And you're going to cross you better start doing it right
better start doing it right

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