Future - My Momma

Текст песни Future - My Momma

[Hook: Future]
My Momma ain't raised no ho
My niggas they wrap that dough
These niggas ain't got no ho
They runnin' and kickin' in doors
My Momma ain't raised no ho (x5)
My niggas they wrap that dough
These niggas ain't got no ho
They running and kicking in doors
My Momma ain't raised no ho (x4)
[Verse 1: Future]
My daddy had bust him a nut
Keep a .45 tucked in the gut
Just a young nigga fuckin' these sluts
Fuck what you thought nigga, fuck what you mean
Sippin' on promethazine
Fuck what you mean we be gettin' to this cream
Everything that I did worth, all of my gifts and my curses
Fuck that bitch (x3), We don't give a fuck about the bitch, I just went got me another bitch
I just went bought me a better bitch, tricking ain't nothing but a habit, smoking on some of that Cali
Enjoying my life to the fullest, the fuck you mean nigga
Yeah I'm a money machine nigga, these bitches try out for my team nigga
She making a wish and I'm making a list
Yeah (x4)

[Verse 2:Future]
She didn't know real niggas like this exist, she's complementing me on my Givenchy kicks
Check out my (x3) wrist, Audemar Piguet is clean clean
That mean it ain't got no diamonds in it, GT Bentley and it's limo tinted
Free my niggas in the penitentiary, Future Hendrix limited edition
Fuck you mean nigga, fuck you mean
Moving screens yet a new regime, Pulling up in something European
Fell in love with a lot of green
[Verse 3: Wiz Khalifa]
Fuck is you saying, I take what you make in one year, spend it all on a chain
Fuck is you saying, I'm smoking my G pen until I get kicked off the plane
Fuck is you saying, my niggas all stuck to the plan now we all getting rich
Fuck is you saying, She thinks it's a Snicker, because I feed her the dick
She get wetter than rain, purer than cane, no keys for my whip, smoking this loud
Fuck is you saying, I can't hear these niggas for shit
Fuck is you saying, My niggas got clips like the movies, so duck when we spraying
All the money I'm making, come easy, you comfortable slaving
Fuck is you saying, Fuck is you doing, take her to dinner, we smoke a few joints and few minutes later we screwing
I wouldn't advise you to fuck with me, If you get fly you look up to me
Probably get high just because of me, T.G.O.D that's my company

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