Future - After That

Текст песни Future - After That

[Hook - Future]
I got them young niggas tweaking like where them drugs at
I make them old head niggas go get they plug back
You whipping up in the foreign, them hoes love that
You stack the racks on them stacks and commas come after that
Yeah you took a few shots but you know we'll come after that
I smell that mula, that fetti, I'm coming after that
Same for my Beamer and Benz, see what come after that
I'm living this life of sin, what's coming after that?

[Verse 1 - Future]
One whip whipped up, ten whips came after that
Two bitches came up, seven bitches came after that
Rich niggas in this building, rich niggas come after that
I know you had that bitch but Imma dock that pussy after that
Fuck niggas say som'n, when I step in jackers come after that
White gold come after that, got Audemars coming after that
Presidentials coming after that, VVS's coming after that
Got so much money almost gave myself a rack attack
OG coming after that, good kush lean coming after that
First class my flight nigga you know who else coming after that
Private jets coming after that, rock star my whole status

Clearport, no TSA, lil Mexico my [?]


[Verse 2 - Lil Wayne]
Talk shit, get back for that
She suck my dick, we don't kiss after that
Got to watch my own back, fuck around and get stabbed in that
Hollygrove my habitat, wish I could bring Rabbit back
Hundred shots come after that, call a ho a ho and a rat a rat
I said a hundred shots come after that
Ain't looking good like cataracts
Imma buy me a Cadillac cause I don't see where I'm lacking at
Them feds tryna throw me in the box
I'm like fuck that, throw Jack in that
Imma get that pussy wet, her other nigga just dampen that
He buy shit, he pamper that, she tapping out when I'm tapping that
Tryna get as high as me nigga, then where the fuck is your scalpel at?
Niggas flip facts like acrobats, I click clack, what comes after that?


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