Bright Eyes - Light Pollution

Light PollutionBright Eyes3:17

Текст песни Bright Eyes - Light Pollution

Jonny Hobson was a good man
He used to loan me books and mic stands
He even got me a subscription
To the Socialist Review
Listening to records in his basement
Old folk songs about the government
It's love of money, not the market
He said these fuckers push on you

And freedom yells, it don't cry
Whatever selves will decide
But there's no hell when you die
So don't look so worried

He got a night life, lost his day job
Pushing papers, swinging pendulums
Anything to serve a function
Or to occupy some time

You gotta earn this living somehow
You're good as dead without a bank account
But it's funny how that life has felt down
In that unemployment line

With all that trash at his feet
The pools of piss in the street
All of that filthy empathy

For the way we're feeling

Don't worry
Don't worry

The billboards shade
The flags they wave
The anthem's playing loud
The baseball game was letting out

And all at once
You saw the dust and hurt
And turned the sound
Got in his truck and turned around

Drove out through the crowd and the cops
Drove out past that center mall
Drove out past that sickening sprawl
Out past that fenced in gold

And maybe he lost control
Fucking with the radio
But I bet the stars seem so close
At the end
At the end
At the end

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