Bright Eyes - Bad Blood

Текст песни Bright Eyes - Bad Blood

no news that's good news, someone's gonna break. see things change, i've been changing everything. it's peaceful, the pitch black, when the last light on goes out.

i'm stranded in my bed, so i think about the bad luck, the bad blood, that may have come between two good souls. that's one hell of an offering, so take these gifts that have been given. and ended up with an alphabet but some words are too wrong to define. now the whole world is waking up. a ribbon cut for the opening. we all do that day we're arrived.

up all night, all upset, outside's growing light. no breakfast, just not much of an appetite. so be cool and believe in the things you haven't learned because you lost and its gone but it will return. now it's all laid out in front of you and thats half murdered the mystery. are you still too shy to describe? now the whole world is waking up, a ribbon cut for the opening. yes, finally the day has arrived. so seek and rejoice, fill your hands with something tangible and fly your love like a flag. it's joy, the desire for that which is impossible, and accept what you get with a smile..

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