Beck - beercan

Текст песни Beck - beercan

Alcohol on my hands
I got plans
to ditch myself and get outside
dancing women
throwing plates
decapitating their laughing dates
swirling chickens caught in flight
out of focus
much too bright
coming down
shiny teeth
game show suckers trying to bleed
but I got a drug and I got the bug
and I got something better than love
How you like me now
pretty good
going on, feeling strong
I quit my job blowing leaves
telephone bills up my sleeves
choking like a one man dustbowl
freedom rock slimeball
talking in code
we went down
lit up the shack
grab me a beer out of the sack
everybody bent over twice
painting the walls throwing some dice
leaping up into the air getting juiced up beyond belief
and they were singing like this
winos throwing Frisbees at the sun
put my soul between a bun
now I'm hungry now I'm drunk

now I'm running like a flaming pig
oh yeah
scraping off the attitude
old man eating all my food
don't be kind
don't be rude
just shake your boots and let it all get loose
oh yeah
my goodness
fluffy clouds
jumping rainbows
fluffy clouds
I'm sad
jumping rainbows
a soft and snuggly place
fluffy clouds
I'm sad and unhappy
oh yeah, I like it like that
oh that is cold
somebody put a flame-thrower on that
oh my goodness
take me down to the depot
buddy put me down on the bus
oh yeah
I like it like that
somebody bring me a plate of sassafras
hey hey hey
what's happenin'

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