Beastie Boys - Stand Together

Stand TogetherBeastie Boys2:47

Текст песни Beastie Boys - Stand Together

I dont see things quite the same as I used to

As I live my life Ive got just me to be true to

And when I find that I dont know about just what to do

I turn and look within to see what I should do

Now Im not sure what it takes to be hip

A lot of people making music that to be aint shit

So I ask creation for rhymes for this jam

Gimme lickle solo and Ill take the mic stand

Love vibe

As the earth spins into brand new day

I see the light on the horizonss not fading away

Gonna shine from within like a bright white sun

No need to hide and no place to run

Got the vibrations of the music

Bringing light to your mind

So you can move and groove

And feel the beat of the time

Sense the power in the air as it starts to move

You get a real good feeling that you just cant lose

Contemplation time, intuition time

Evolution time, resolution time

Free your mind its time for good times

And let yourself move its a time to shine

Spread your wings in the sky, feelin good inside

Breaking fool with no need to hide

I got the music cuttin throught me

Takin control of my soul

I cant hold back Ive got to let go

Stand together people come together now

Its about time weve got to get together yall

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