Beastie Boys - Hello Brooklyn

Текст песни Beastie Boys - Hello Brooklyn

Hello brooklyn

New york new york its a hell of a town

The bronx is up and Im brooklyn down

They dont know my name they only know my initials

Building bombs in the attic for elected officials

I quit my job I cut my hair

I cut my boss cause I dont care

You tried to get slick you bust a little chuckle

Youre gonna get smacked with my gold finger knuckle

Cause being as fly as me is something you never thought of

Youll be sticking up old ladies with the hand gun or the sawed-off

Like a buffalo soldier Im broader than broadway

Keep keepin on I dont care what they say

I play my stereo loud it disturbs my neighbors

I want to enjoy the fruits of my labor

Cause I am the holder of the 3-pack bonanza

If you open the book then you will get your hand slapped

I am the keeper of the 3-pack bonanza

If you ask a question you will get the answer

Her breast I saw I reached I felt

M.o.n.e.y. the belt

I stay at home just like a hermit

I got the jammy but I dont got the permit

Yes you got a boyfriend and indeed his name is slick nick

That is why annabelle youre caught with the shrimpy limp dick trick

I ride around town cause my ride is fly

I shot a man in brooklyn just to watch him die

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