Beastie Boys - Ch-Check it out

Текст песни Beastie Boys - Ch-Check it out

All you trekkies and tv addicts
don't mean to diss
don't mean to bring static
All you Klingons in your grandma's house
grab your backstreet friend and get loud
Blowin' doors off the hinges
I'll grab you with the pincers
and no I didn't retire
I'll snatch you up with the needle-nose pliers

Mike D
Like Mutual Of Omaha got the ill boat you never seen before
glidin' in the glades and like Lorne Green you know I get paid
Like Caprese with the Basil
not goofy like Darren or Hazel
I'm a huh ha like Nick At Night
with the classics re-running that you know all right

Now remain calm
no alarm 'cause my farm ain't phat
so what's with that?
I've got friends and family that I respect
when I think I'm too good they put me in check
So believe what I say I'm no better than you
except when I rap so I guess it ain't true
like that and you just don't stop
guaranteed to make your body rock

Mike D
I said 'Doc, what's the condition?
I'm a man thats on a mission
He said 'Son, you'd better listen
stuck in your what! is an electrician.'
Like a scientist, mmm when I'm applyin' this
method of controlling my mind
like Einstein and The Rappin' Duke combined

Now 'Hey baby Bubba now what's the deal?
I didn't know you go for that mass appeal.'
Some call it Salugi, some hot potato
I stole your mic and you won't see it later

'Cause I work magic like a magician
I add up like a mathemetician
I'm a bank cashier, engineer
I wear cotton but I don't wear shear

Shazam! and Abracadabra!
In the whip I'll cruise right past ya
Yo money, don't chump yourself
put that what! back on the shelf
Light rays blazin' your out of the phase
and my crews amazin'
We're workin' on a record yo so just be patient

Now I go by the name of the King Adrock
I don't wear a cup nor a jock
I bring the --- thats beyond bizarre
like Miss Piggy 'Who, Moi?' I'm the one with the clientele
you say 'Adrock you rock so well'
I've got class like Pink champale
MCA grab the mic before the mic goes stale

Don't test me
they can't arrest me
I'll take right and shoot lefty
You look upset, yo calm down
you look like Cable Guy dunked off of your crown
I flow like smoke out a chimney
you never been me
you wanna rap but what your makin' ain't hip hop B

Mike D
Now get your clothes right out of the dryer
put the Armor All up on your tire
sport that fresh attire
tonight we goin' out set the town on fire
Set the town ablaze
gonna stun and amaze
gonna throw a craze
make your grandma shake her head and say 'Those were the days'

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