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Введите биографию исполнителяBio Music Ringtone Gallery Tickets Links HomeShayne Ward Bio | InterviewDate of birth : 15 October 1984Location: Manchester, England, UK"I don't understand how I was seen as the favourite""It hasn't made any difference to me," says Shayne resolutely. "It only makes me stronger, actually. My family's too strong to let stories that may come out in the press get between us. We've got such a strong bond, nothing gets to us." The news has done little to dent the 21-year-old's confidence, or his popularity. For a long time throughout The X Factor he was regarded as the favourite to win, and, even though it was a close run thing between him and Andy Abraham (there was a 1.2%...Полная биография

Аудиозаписи Shayne Ward

01No PromisesShayne Ward3:43
02Until YouShayne Ward4:08
03No promiseShayne Ward3:43
04BreathlessShayne Ward3:45
05Melt the SnowShayne Ward3:46
06All My LifeShayne Ward4:26
07No U Hang UpShayne Ward4:22
08Tell HimShayne Ward3:59
09Someone To LoveShayne Ward4:10
10Stand By MeShayne Ward4:15
11I CryShayne Ward4:21
12You're Not AloneShayne Ward3:53
13Back At OneShayne Ward3:37
14If That's Ok with YouShayne Ward3:41
15That's My GoalShayne Ward3:41
16Something Worth Living ForShayne Ward4:07
17Close To CloseShayne Ward3:33
18A Better ManShayne Ward4:14
19You Make Me WishShayne Ward3:56
20What About MeShayne Ward3:22
21Some Tears Never DryShayne Ward3:49
22Tangled UpShayne Ward3:53
23Just Be Good to MeShayne Ward3:44
24Stand by Your SideShayne Ward3:39
25Next To MeShayne Ward3:05
26DamagedShayne Ward4:02
27U Got Me SoShayne Ward3:37
28Waiting In the WingsShayne Ward4:03
29FoolishShayne Ward3:19
30Let's Do ItShayne Ward3:10
31 Beautiful In WhiteShayne Ward3:52
32no promicesShayne Ward3:41
33If Thats Ok With You (moto Blanko Remix)Shayne Ward3:25
34ObsessionShayne Ward3:35
35Breathless ( Snowflakers Remix )Shayne Ward3:46
36Gotta Be Somebody (Radio Edit)Shayne Ward3:42
37The Way You AreShayne Ward4:01
38Gotta Be SomebodyShayne Ward3:41
39HumanShayne Ward4:11
40 Breathless (If our love was a fairy tale I would charge in and rescue you On a yacht baby we would sail To an island where we'd say I do ) - And if we had babies they would look like you - so beautiful )Shayne Ward3:47
41Love Being In LoveShayne Ward3:36
42Gotta Be Somebody (Radio Rip)Shayne Ward3:33
43Gotta Be Somebody (Moto Blanco Club Mix)Shayne Ward8:04
44Breathless (Ты прекрасен!\A.N.JELL:You're Beautiful)Shayne Ward0:22
45If That's OK With You (Moto Blanco Radio Edit)Shayne Ward3:15
46 While You Sleep ★Shayne Ward3:18
47Hey baby, when we are together, doing things that we love. Every time you're near I feel like I'm in heaven, feeling high I don't want to let go, girl. I just need you to know girl. I don't wanna run away, baby you're the one I need tShayne Ward3:44
48Melt The Snow You've seen love at first at summer time.That's when you think that everythings fine. No one ever thinks it's gonna end. But when things go wrong and winter comes You're gonna need to run to someone... Shayne Ward3:47
49Nobody KnowsShayne Ward4:47
50Dont Kill This LoveShayne Ward3:50
51Cotton Candy Love (Prod. by Stargate) (2010) GTShayne Ward3:22
52If that's OK with you (Moto Blanco Remix)Shayne Ward3:15
53Beyond The StarsShayne Ward3:12
54BreatlessShayne Ward5:28
55Everyday In BetweenShayne Ward3:02
56Gotta Be Somebody' (Almighty Radio) [2010] *club13585135*Shayne Ward3:54
57oxygenShayne Ward4:04
58No you hang upShayne Ward4:22
59Crash (New Version)Shayne Ward3:46
60Save Me []Shayne Ward2:52
61No Promises(With Lyrics)Shayne Ward3:44
62No PromosesShayne Ward3:39
63No promissesShayne Ward3:52
64BlindShayne Ward3:32
65Easy To Love YouShayne Ward3:16
66 Breathless LyricsShayne Ward3:42
67Close To Close (2010)Shayne Ward3:45
68Crash Shayne Ward4:25
69Oxygen (Prod. by Stargate) (2010) []Shayne Ward4:04
70NO PROMISES (минус)Shayne Ward3:48
71If That's OK With You (Original)Shayne Ward3:43
72Close To Close..Shayne Ward3:45
73Someone To Love (Ost A.N.Jell)Shayne Ward4:10
74Crash [by M.I.K.E.]Shayne Ward4:25
75Breathless [OST A.N.JEL :You're Beautiful]Shayne Ward3:47
76Future Love (Prod. by Timbaland)Shayne Ward3:08
77Breathless (You leave me breathless You're everything good in my life You leave me breathless I still can't believe that you're mine You just walked out of one of my dreams So beautiful you're leaving me Breathless)Shayne Ward3:47
78You Make Me Feel Brand New ( by The Stylistics ) Shayne Ward2:13
79 Hey, baby, when we are together (I don't wanna run away, baby... You you're the one I need tonight... No promises... Baby, now I need to hold you tight... I just wanna die in your arms tonight...♡)Shayne Ward3:43
80Someone Like YouShayne Ward3:03

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